Lunch Menu

Offered Sunday - Friday


   Sichuan Salad  17

Baby iceberg lettuce, crispy onion, candied maple beef bacon, and pickled daikon. Served with a Sichuan peppercorn dressing


Saigon Salad 22

Smoked duck breast, seasonal melon, baby arugula, figs, and five spices walnuts. Served with a yuzu honey vinaigrette


Mekong Salad 16

Romaine lettuce, avocado tempura, tomato and ginger confit, and garlic croutons. Served with an Asian style Caesar dressing
Add chicken $12




         Charcuterie Platter        

Small 22  -----  Large 34

Selection of House Made Charcuteries, Served with Cornichons and Fig Jam

Sausage Platter 22

2 merguez and 2 lamb sausages

Duck Foige Grass 39

2 oz homemade duck foie gras with French cognac and orange muscat served with toasted baguette

Cognac Liver Mousse  19

Chicken liver mousse with cognac, served with toasted baguette 
and fig jam


Chicken Thai Soup 12

Butternut squash soup with shredded chicken breast and chili oil

Edamame 9

Tossed with truffle oil, togarashi, and nori salt

Shishito Peppers 12

Fried Shishito peppers tossed in nori salt

Korean Fried Chicken 14

Fried chicken wings served with a Korean chili ginger glaze 

Crunchy Thai Wraps 18

Chicken stir fried with shiitake mushroom and Thai basil, topped with water chestnut, carrot, bean sprout, and rice noodle in a crunchy iceberg lettuce wrap. Served with a Thai peanut dipping sauce

Fancy Fries 14

Sweet & salty hand cut fries topped with candied maple beef bacon, scallion, and a spicy aioli 




Homemade steamed dumplings

Chicken 16

Served with a spicy orange dipping sauce and a sambal sweet chili sauce

Pastrami 18

Sprinkled with rye bread crumbs, and served with a sesame thousand island sauce


Home made Asian steamed buns garnished with pickled onion, cucumber, shredded carrot, scallion, sesame seed, toasted peanut. Served with a hoisin dipping sauce

Lamb Ribs 19

Boneless lamb ribs braised in sake and ginger


Crispy Chicken 17

Fried chicken in a Korean sticky sauce


Served with fresh ramen noodles made in house from scratch

Bistro Ramen Shoyu Style 20

Salt Tare, chicken soy broth, veal chashu, pickled daikon, scallion, nori, marinated shiitake, black garlic, and ajitsuke tamago egg

Pastrami Ramen Shoyu Style 18

Mustard soy tare, chicken soy broth, house made pastrami, pickled caraway cabbage, beet mustard caviar, and ajitsuke tamago egg


Spicy Miso Ramen 17 

Spicy sesame miso tare, chicken miso broth, garlic & ginger chicken, bean sprouts, scallion, soy shiitake mushroom, sesame, chili oil, and ajitsuke tamago egg

Shitake Ramen 16 

Shiitake mushroom broth, seared tofu, dried tomato, Chinese spinach, toasted sesame sauce, and ajitsuke tamago egg

Butcher Corner 

Served with a choice of jasmine rice or crispy scallion potatoes

Japanese Style Rib Eye 52

Dry aged 16oz Ribeye served with a shiitake mushroom stew and a hoisin demi glaze

The Samurai 68

Dry aged 24oz bone in Ribeye served with a shiitake mushroom stew and a hoisin demi glace

Mongolian Beef Filet 52

Dry aged 10oz center cut filet sliced and cooked table side on a hot stone. Served with a truffle ponzu and horseradish dipping sauce

Pepper Crusted Filet 52

Dry aged 10oz center cut filet crusted with fresh Sichuan peppercorn

Korean Ribs 54

Korean Barbecue style short ribs topped with home made kimchee

Sichuan Lamb Chops 56

Grilled baby lamb chops served with a Japanese eggplant purée 

Chicken And Waffles 38

Korean style crispy chicken and scallion waffles, served with ginger maple syrup

Grilled Chicken 32

Grilled chicken breast served with stir fried vegetables and scallion mashed potatoes

Miso Glazed Salmon 32

Miso glazed grilled salmon filet served with stir fried vegetables and wasabi mashed potatoes 

Bronzino Thai Style 36

Pan seared bronzino filet served with a peanut green papaya slaw and cilantro lime sauce


Side Dishes

French Fries 7

Cristpy Red Potatoes 9

Scallion Mashed Potatoes 9

Stir Fried Rice 10

Seared Garden Vegetables 10

Soy Glazed Mushrooms 10


Sodas & Juices 3
Snapple 4
Bottle water 4 
Perrier 3.5
Acqua Pana 1L 6.5 
San Pellegrino 1L  7
Nespresso 4
Tea  3
Nana tea 5 
Café Liegois - Double espresso, with whipped cream 8  

Imported Beers

Coors Light 6
Corona, Corona Light, Heineken, 
Heineken Light 7
Stella Artois, Blue Moon 8
Negra Modelo, Guinness, Brooklyn Lager, Newcastle, Amstel Light, Red Stripe 9
Chimay 17